Collection: Wild Alaskan Salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Our line-caught wild Alaskan salmon is the Alaska Gold Standard. Less than 5 percent of wild Alaskan salmon is caught using the artisanal hook-and-line fishing methods that our co-op members use. Hook-and-line fishing methods not only have minimal effects on the ocean but also ensure that our wild-caught Alaskan salmon is premium quality.

Our wild-caught Alaska Gold King Salmon Portions are our most popular offering. Known for its buttery flavor, king salmon is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Buy our wild Alaskan salmon online to taste its superior freshness.

Mild and delicate, our line-caught Alaska Gold Coho Salmon is easy to prepare and enjoy. With 90% of the recommended daily value of vitamin D and 1,798 mg of omega-3s in one 6-ounce portion, wild Alaskan coho salmon is a powerhouse of delicious nutrition. 

Our Keta Salmon is a family-friendly favorite and is the best way to get premium-quality wild Alaskan salmon on a budget.

It may never have occurred to you to order salmon online, but we ship the best of the best. Offered in boxes of 5, 10, and 20 pounds, get the best wild Alaskan salmon delivered to your door with free shipping. With our Alaska Gold Loyalty Program, you can pick the right amount and frequency and make healthy wild Alaskan salmon part of your routine.