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Easy Salmon Wild Salmon Burger Meat | Alaska Gold Seafood

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Easy salmon burger meat is the same great quality as our wild Alaskan salmon packed in convenient 1-pound bags. Our Easy Salmon Meat is perfect for making salmon burgers, tacos, salmon cakes, and more.

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Easy Salmon wild salmon burger meat contains medium- to small-sized minced chunks of wild salmon that are perfect for shaping into patties, enclosing in savory baked pastries, sandwiches, pastas, salads, or as a stir-fry addition to a rice bowl.

Easy Salmon is the salmon meat left over on the backbone after we cut our salmon portions, so it’s the same great quality salmon as our salmon portions. No added ingredients.

The salmon burger meat is great for actual burgers, of course. But please note that it is not pre-formed salmon burger patties. One could also use the salmon burger meat for savory salmon tarts, individual hand pies, and pot pies--mix it seasoned but uncooked with the rest of the filling and it will bake inside the crust.

Easy Salmon is easy because it’s an easy and economic way to incorporate wild salmon into your weekly routine. Easy Salmon is also a family-friendly way to get our premium-quality Alaska Gold wild salmon delivered to your door. Easy Salmon's versatility means that you can prepare a wide range of recipes in which you'd normally include chicken, ground beef, or canned salmon (but the taste is much better!).

These Easy Salmon Recipes, like Easy Salmon Cakes and Thai Red Curry, will give you inspiration for all the possibilities for our Easy Salmon.

Or make a chowder with Easy Salmon which will really hit the spot on a cool evening after a slog through stormy seas. 

Easy Salmon is not portions or fillets, which we also sell, but the part of the salmon not used for portions and fillets, minced and placed into one-pound bags and frozen. 

So Easy Salmon is the very same quality as the salmon portions and fillets we sell--it just comes in different packaging. You’re getting the great taste and nutritional benefits of wild salmon—heart-healthy protein, source of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

Because of the wide range of possibilities to prepare Easy Salmon, it's a perfect way to introduce kids to eating wild salmon and to get the recommended two to three weekly servings of seafood. We have our own suggested easy salmon recipes here.

Here's how Easy Salmon is packaged:

After we cut our wild salmon fillets and portions, we are left with the frame of the salmon, a long strip of meat between the top/dorsal region of the fish and the mid-section of the fish.

We use a scoop-like spoon to remove the meat off the frame, mince it, and put it into 1-pound vacuum-sealed bags to make what some in the industry call "spoon salmon" and we call Easy Salmon. No added ingredients--just salmon. 

These are available in 5, 10-pound and 20-pound boxes shipped to your door on dry ice. Easy Salmon is raw salmon. You cook it at home.

See nutrition details for our Easy Salmon Burger Meat here.

Our Easy Salmon Burger Meat is cut from our Alaska king salmon and coho salmon. This is what the Easy Salmon Burger Meat looks like in the packaging.

Easy Salmon Wild Salmon Burger Meat | Alaska Gold Seafood