Loyalty Auto-Ship and Login Instructions | Alaska Gold Seafood

Thanks for joining the Alaska Gold Loyalty Club Subscribe and Save program! We appreciate your business and want to help serve you the finest wild Alaskan seafood.

If you need any help managing your auto-ship subscription, the easiest way is to email us replying to any of the emails you get from us.

We can do the following:

1) change ship dates,

2) swap out the items you get in a shipment,

3) switch up delivery frequency, or...

4) put a pause on your subscription

After signing up for our Loyalty Program, you should also receive an email with the subject line: “Alaska Gold Subscription--Manage your subscription here.” In that email, there will be a link that says “Manage Subscription.” Clicking that link will send you to your subscription portal, a magic link (no login required) where you can manage your subscription or change your payment information on your own.

And as always, if you get stuck don’t hesitate to email us with any questions. 

If you are a customer without a loyalty program auto-ship and are trying to log in to your traditional account, you can do so here.

With deep gratitude,

The Folks At Alaska Gold Seafood