Collection: Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Whether you’re taking your bagel to the next level or simply dressing up your platter of cheese and crackers, our Traditional Smoked King Salmon will be the best smoked salmon you’ve ever had. Also known as “kippered salmon,” smoked salmon has been a traditional food of Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest for centuries. 
Starting with our premium-quality, line-caught wild king salmon, we lightly smoke it the traditional way: low and slow on alder wood until it’s moist and flaky. In each incredibly rich and smoky bite, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of wild-caught king salmon  -  from omega-3 fatty acids to vitamin D. Our Smoked King Salmon Bellies come from the richest, oiliest part of wild salmon to make for a truly decadent treat. Fully-cooked and ready to enjoy once thawed, our Traditional Smoked King Salmon is the standard of excellence.