I am on my 4th order so that says a lot! I have enjoyed the King salmon and sablefish. I LOVE fish, grew up around fishermen but have not enjoyed the flavors of salmon as I do now, since receiving them directly. In New Jersey we don’t have Salmon and it is difficult to find fresh vs. farm raised. Having Alaska Gold as a resource has been a blessing. The quality, portions, flavors and ethics are all to be admired. I no longer ‘shop’ for salmon, I go straight to the source! You have made a salmon lover of my daughter. Side note: I struggle with cholesterol and my numbers are all down except my HDL ( good cholesterol) which is 68! GO SALMON! Laugh if you will but I have been searching for healthier choices of food in general and your site / company has been a blessing to my life! I cannot begin to tell you the difference I am experiencing in my health since consuming wild caught fish. I read about these things but I am living the reality of what I’ve read. Lower cholesterol, higher HDL, less joint pain; I’m sold. Thank you so much for being conscious as well as sustainable.

Rosie, New Jersey

I was so impressed with my delivery from Alaska Gold! The price per lb for 20 lbs of the Keta Salmon was the same as my local BJ’s, but the comparison was night and day! I learned it was the difference between net caught and line caught. I will never buy salmon from a wholesale club like BJ’s ever again! Alaska Gold salmon is 5 stars!! The quality and taste is amazing!!! I highly recommend! Having fished for salmon, halibut and lingcod off the Alaskan coast, my wife and I know the difference between fresh Alaskan line caught salmon and the types available in stores and restaurants in our native Arizona. We heard about Alaskan Gold and decided to give it a try. The first taste instantly brought back unmistakable taste of the fresh salmon we experienced when we fished Alaskan waters. We’re hooked. Please don’t take our word for it. Try it. There’s no comparison. Thank you Alaska Gold for offering such delicious, wholesome food.

Ken, Arizona

I get this for my toddler daughter since she has food allergies and is a picky eater and salmon is one of the few foods she’ll consistently eat. It was difficult finding wild salmon in local stores, and she didn’t like the lower fat content of sockeye compared to farmed salmon. The king salmon I received has a wonderful deep and complex taste and is so fresh (smells faintly of salt water and that’s it)! I definitely taste the difference between this and farmed salmon, and really can’t go back to farmed salmon anymore. I recommend this salmon as a healthy choice for kids due to its low mercury content and low toxin contamination compared to farmed versions. Also the service at Alaska Gold has been outstanding! One of my shipments got delayed due to a winter storm in my local area, and Kendall was super responsive in resolving the issue!

Daina, North Carolina

Prior to knowing about this amazing Co-Op of fishermen I was buying junk from my local supermarket. Any product Alaska Gold sells it truly that GOLD! Each piece is the perfect size which makes portioning much easier. I hated the process of buying it whole and trying to make each piece the right sizing and sealing myself. Thank you Alaska Gold you have made my life easier and much tastier!! I will be a gold club member for a very long time. Keep up the great work.

Ryan, Tennessee

My family and I have become much more aware of what we are eating and the ingredients in what we eat. So, in the past, I did not pay too much attention to labels. Has that ever changed! We will continue to enjoy each of the products we purchase from Alaska Gold. Recently, we tried the salmon chowder and fish chowder recipes. What a hit they were. I continue to tell my friends and other family members about Alaska Gold and the products we regularly purchase. It seems some of them are put off by the cost. I know when I first purchased some of your salmon and halibut, I too thought it was a bit much; however, I was willing to give it a try, primarily due to reading the information you provide on your website and phone conversations I had with some of your staff. Also, I would rather pay for a high quality product up front and know that it is contributing to my health, rather than paying a much lesser price, which may in fact be a detriment to my health and then I “get to” pay more medical costs on the back end. All that to say, thank you for doing what you do in the ways you do it.

Val, Iowa

This was our first (and not last!) purchase of halibut and coho salmon from Alaska. We live on the Oregon coast and have been buying fresh halibut locally off the fishing boats. Then we go to all the effort of cleaning them ourselves, deboning, and vacuum packing in individual servings. The halibut was not guaranteed to be “same day” and may be a few days old. We haven’t been pleased with the taste and quality. The Alaska Gold Halibut and coho salmon were PERFECT! The method of processing and freezing so quickly preserves the great flavor. And having them cleaned, de-boned, and vacuum packed in individual serving portions is so convenient! The 2-day shipping brought a box to the house that was absolutely freezing when I opened it. Colder than my deep freezer! All I had to do was unpack, put them in the deep freeze and voila’! I was all done! This halibut is exquisite. We will be ordering on a regular basis. We will even order from Arizona when we go there for a few months in the winter since the boxes are so well packed. Fresh Alaska fish in Arizona will be such a treat!!

Nancy, Oregon Coast

Generally speaking in the past, my family has not been big fans of eating salmon as it tasted bland and fishy, even when we bought the “higher quality” stuff from the market. We decided to order some wild-caught Alaskan King Salmon after a friend gave us some from a fishing expedition he attended and it tasted great. I decided on Alaska Gold Seafood because I liked the thought of supporting the local fisherman as well as the One Hook One Fish concept. We received our first shipment of King Salmon last week (in perfect condition)…we live in Maryland. We ate some of it last night and it was fantastic…no fishy taste or smell. Thanks a lot.

Scott, Maryland

The fish we have received from you has been nothing short of exceptional. What makes it even better is that you provide exceptional customer service and stand behind your products. Since we received our first order from you we have not purchased fish anywhere else and see no reason to do so. We are hooked on the Halibut and Sablefish and those are our staples. We have tried the Albacore, King Salmon and Coho Salmon and they were delicious also.

Michael, Maryland

I received last week my first order of the Coho Salmon. I ordered the 28-Pc package. Well, I am so pleased. The salmon taste so fresh and the packaging is just so clean. It is as if I caught it. I’m concerned that I may eat too much too quick.  I prefer the mild fresh flavor of this kind of fish over any other meats now. I am so thankful I found Alaska Gold Brand. My wife and I, and my sons, are thinking about even buying in bulk next time. There is so may ways to cook it, and thank you for the recipes too. Anyway, I had to say thank you. Your product is so clean, and fresh.

Carl, Texas

I had my first order delivered a month ago. I was apprehensive about buying fish online, but also desperate for wild salmon as I wanted to introduce more Omega 3 in our diet. Firstly, I was notified about delivery by UPS, the box arrived in a perfect condition and so did all the products. The main thing however was taste of fish. It is totally different to what you buy in the shop and not even comparable to farmed salmon. My family loves it and I ll be ordering more. Thank you.

Karolina, Washington state

My husband and I purchased a bulk supply of coho salmon to last us through the month. The quality is fantastic! We feel very good about eating this fish and would recommend you guys in a heartbeat. We are Alaska Gold Club members and can’t wait for the next shipment. Thank you!

Jackie, Brooklyn
Bless the lucky day we found you and your co-op team! The sable fish we received is of superlative quality and freshness…. quite sunny really! My entire family is so grateful for this bounty you make available, Thank you to each and everyone of you, Warmest regards.
Mimi, California

I have ordered three times and purchase over 90 pounds of salmon and black cod from Alaska Gold Seafood in the last six months. I especially love the individual packages for my family due to the convenience and the fish doesn’t have bones. The individual packages are easy to thaw and are perfect portions. The flavor of the salmon (King and Coho) is awesome and I love to eat the fried skin. The Black Cod has a great buttery taste and my kids love this fish. I will definitely continue to purchase from Alaska Gold Seafood

Keith, Wisconsin

I ordered some of this salmon and it was delivered all the way to Florida. I couldn’t believe it was still frozen when it was finally delivered. I have cooked several pieces of it already and it is the best salmon I have ever tasted. I love that it is portioned into the exact sizes that we are supposed to eat. I am hooked for life!

Kristi, Florida

I used to buy Alaska Gold through a co-op I belonged to. I was so happy to find them online and I recently bought salmon that way. The fish was still frozen when I received it. And it tastes just as good, mild flavor, no bones, no fishy smell. Even my 11 year old loves it. I’ve been so spoiled, I can never buy salmon from a store again! And I know it’s much healthier.

Denise, Minnesota

We have been ordering from Alaska Gold for over two years now. Both the King and Coho salmon are out of this world, better than any we’ve tried in any restaurant on earth…it is that good! Succulent, moist and beautifully flavored…you simply cannot go wrong with Alaska Gold. Placing an order now for both the King salmon and Black Sable Cod…will be our first time trying the Cod, but I already know it will be great!! Shipping is simple, safe and fast…always arrives on time and fully fresh frozen, even during our triple digit desert summers! If you haven’t tried Alaska Gold, you don’t know what you’re missing. This is the ONLY seafood we consume, always wild the way nature intended!! 

Tracey, Nevada
When Whole Foods had sales on fish I would buy in bulk. I noticed their provider was Alaska Gold. Finally decided to buy the 30 pound bulk King Salmon and wasn’t disappointed. Will be buying all my fish from Alaska gold from now on.
Chris, Houston
Fantastic quality and service! We ordered 60 lbs recently after losing our previous Alaskan salmon vendor. Alaska Gold is the best. Delivery was swift, well packaged, and still frozen. Fillets come in high quality vacuum packing material. And the quality is outstanding. If you are still buying salmon from your local store, you really should try this. It’s not only a better value, but far better tasting. Plus, if you have any doubts, call Kendall. He was a pleasure to speak with and very helpful.
Andrew, Virginia
Excellent quality – delivery is perfect. I even forgot about my delivery and it was on the porch for most of the day in the hot sun and all fish were still frozen (ice was basically gone). So nice to have this fresh salmon portioned out to make meal time easier. No worries about what the store will have in stock and if its fresh. This is the freshest.
Katie , Ohio
We were planning a dinner party and wanted to cook Nobu’s miso black cod. AGS had competitive prices plus free shipping. Our shipment arrived on time and still frozen! The portions are reasonable and individually vacuum sealed. We’re really happy with the overall experience and will order again.
Robert, Maryland
For absolute truth this is the best salmon ever. I ordered the coho salmon. I got 31 pieces of salmon. It was packaged well and when I cooked it the house did not smell like fish. My husband did not even know I had cooked it in a pan . Plus he does not like salmon because it has such a strong taste and odor. This salmon? He loved it. It has a mild flavor and cooks up firm and flakey. The taste is not overpowering but delicious. You really do not need much. I salt and peppered the fillets and cooked them in a hot pan of olive oil and butter just enough. Not a lot of it. Placed the fish skin side down for about 3 minutes or until nice and browned. Flipped it over and did the same on the other side. We ate it just like that. Then we had some on a brioche bun served with chipotle mayo onions and spinach. Either way and any way you will not be disappointed!
Abril, North Carolina
This is my first order of Alaska Gold. I ordered the easy salmon and asked a friend if she would share 20 pounds with me….now I’m sorry I did! It’s excellent in freshness and flavor. Totally frozen when it arrived, but does defrost over night or quickly in a cold water bath if I forget to get it out. Next I’ll move onto the fillets.
Deborah, Oklahoma
Alaska Gold salmon is the best salmon we have ever had. We bought a 10 lb. box of King salmon to start, and it tastes so incredibly delicious, that we find ourselves craving it all the time! But we’re trying to make the box last at least a month or two.  (We are a family of 6, and it’s expensive to feed a large family!) Next time we order, we’ll probably want to try the cod and some smoked salmon, along with more King salmon. We’ve also told several of our friends about Alaska Gold.
Sarah, Davis, California
I used the Easy Salmon to try to copy my mom’s salmon cakes that I remember so well from my childhood. They turned out to be as good as I remember. The salmon arrived well-packed and completely frozen. The color was beautiful and it did not smell ‘fishy’ at all after defrosting. I look forward to trying different recipes to use it with. I like the conservation approach that the Alaska Cooperative fisherman use. Their website is really interesting. I hadn’t thought that much about how my fish was caught and handled before reading it.
Cindy, Michigan
Thanks very much for the opportunity to tell you and the rest of your potential customers just how great your product and customer service was. I have ordered seafood from other suppliers in Alaska and without a doubt you do a much better job in preparing the product and in your shipping protocols. I ordered the 30 pound bulk shipment of halibut and each individual piece was flawless. There were no thin tail sections and half cuts at all , each fillet was ready for the grill! The shipment arrived on time and the packing was first rate. There was no amount of thawing whatsoever. In fact, the dry ice took half a day to evaporate once I placed it outside to 80 degree heat. The halibut want directly from the shipping carton to my freezer—perfection!! I have been in Sitka many times and have seen your operation first hand(even shared a glass or two of Arrogant Bastard with some of your workers. Good folks!! You are to be commended for your commitment to sustainable fisheries and environmental awareness. My family will do our part as we truly believe in your saying that: Friends do not let friends eat farmed fish”. Keep up the good work and we will be ordering more from you very soon.
Old Tennessee Fisherman, Rogersville TN