Shipping Seafood During the Holidays | Alaska Gold Seafood

Dear Alaska Gold Customers,

We want to encourage you to order seafood early for all events you are planning throughout this holiday season.

As a reminder, we ship the bulk of our frozen seafood orders Mondays, Tuesdays and in some cases Wednesdays. However, it’s possible that if you order on a Tuesday you might miss a shipping cut-off time for our shipping team. In that case, your order might ship the following week, so plan ahead and let us know if you need to have your seafood order arrive by a specific date and we can do our best to accommodate—just send us an email with an order number.

Please have us deliver to a secure address. Our obligation is to ship your delicious seafood to the address you provide us. More and more, we hear stories about porch thefts, and it's heartbreaking. If you can ship to an office or a nice neighbor, we'd encourage that, as there's not a lot we can do once a package is delivered. Some customers do receive their orders at UPS stores and similar locations. If you do send your package to a UPS store, please let us know in advance via email.

Also note: We will be backed up, as most of our packages need to get out Mondays and Tuesdays. And those Mondays and Tuesdays will be really busy for our shipping team. So just note that most likely your packages might not ship out as fast as usual during these holiday months.

Please let us know via email if there’s a certain day you need your order to arrive by, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Just send us an email with your order number or, better yet, just hit reply on your order confirmation email, and we will do our best to meet the delivery date you request.

In general, our shipping dates work like this: Look at the following map and see what state your order will be shipping to. See if you’re in a 1, 2 or 3-day zone.

Map of the United States with anticipated ship times to all locations for frozen wild seafood

If your shipping address is in a 1-day zone, we ship Mondays through Thursdays for scheduled arrival the following day. So orders placed by Monday 6am EST should ship either Monday or Tuesday for scheduled arrival Tuesday or Wednesday.

If your shipping address is in a 2-day zone, we ship Mondays through Wednesdays with scheduled arrival 2 days later. So orders placed before Monday 6am EST should ship Monday or Tuesday for scheduled arrival Wednesday or Thursday.

If your shipping address is in a 3-day zone, we ship Mondays and Tuesdays for scheduled arrival Thursday or Friday.

Bear in mind, we include enough dry ice to keep your perishable seafood item frozen for scheduled time of transit, plus an additional day should there be any delay.

Another important note is that canned seafood items ship separately from frozen seafood items and ship ground by default, so arrival could be up to 10 days after order depending on location and carrier. 

If you want a perishable seafood order to arrive by Thanksgiving and you live in a 1 or 2-day zone, get your order in by November 19th so that we ship Monday for Tuesday or Wednesday arrival. However, if you live in a 3-day state your order won’t ship until the week after Thanksgiving.

We also do have a RUSH shipping option. There is a surcharge, but these orders ship overnight.  

This year, we are lucky that Christmas Day falls on a Monday. The week of December 18th will be very busy but orders placed by the 18th should be scheduled to arrive before Christmas.

Once again, just email us by replying to an order confirmation to confirm a scheduled arrival date if you need it. And our advice is always to plan ahead and give yourself some wiggle room for any planned events. The frozen seafood will stay in good condition in your freezer for 6 months, so ordering early is always better than late!