Collection: Smoked Sablefish

Smoked Sablefish

With a nickname like “bacon of the sea,” you know you’re in for a real treat with Alaskan black cod, also known as Alaskan sablefish. Rich, oily, and smoked if you like, our Alaskan black cod has a distinct yet versatile flavor.

Buy smoked black cod and serve it alongside scrambled eggs for an Alaska-style breakfast, or enjoy it with crackers for a midday snack. Combine rich decadence with a myriad of health benefits. Our Alaskan sablefish or black cod has an oily richness that pairs perfectly with a light alder taste when smoked.

Alaskan black cod packs hearty omega-3 fatty acids into every delightful bite. Treat yourself to our very own Alaskan sablefish and enjoy black cod's many benefits!

Smoked Sablefish