Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Alaska Gold Seafood (www.alaskagoldbrand.com) is the online store where you can buy seafood caught by members of Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC). Alaska Gold Seafood currently only ships our premium-quality seafood to home consumers and small retail stores in the United States. We do sell our fish wholesale to retailers outside the United States. Please contact your local retailer to request our fish or contact us to inquire where our fish is sold.


We offer Free Shipping on products sold to most parts of the United States that UPS and FedEx serve. However, we cannot deliver perishables to PO Boxes. Nor can we deliver to a number of remote villages. There are certain areas that we reserve the right to not serve. Please also note that we do ship to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Both of these places are much more expensive for us to reach via FedEx or UPS. So we do charge a surcharge for shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Please contact AlaskaGoldService<at>alaskagoldbrand.com if you have any questions or concerns about shipping. (Note is @ in the email address.)

Please have the correct shipping address on hand when placing your order. It sounds simple enough to change. However, any time there is any adjustment to an address, or any kind of shipping change request, it almost always results in a delay of at least one day for shippers (which is crucial when shipping perishable items). So, please understand we cannot make changes to shipments the day of shipment or after a shipment has left our facility.  It could be as simple as entering one number wrong in the zip code, or entering the wrong state (frequently people enter WA instead of WI or vice versa, for example), or wanting to switch an item in an order. It might seem obvious to us, but it means that the carrier (FedEx, UPS or OnTrac) has to re-sort the package and invariably delays happen. We cannot be responsible for any damages that result in not entering the correct address or correct items in an order. Double and triple-check that both your billing and shipping addresses are correct. It’s amazing how many customers don’t enter addresses correctly–for us, a tiny typo might make the difference between a happy customer and a highly perishable order being stuck in the wrong place. One digit wrong almost always adds a day in delay. Please double and triple-check your email receipt, too. If you did not receive an automatically generated receipt, please contact us!

Also, if you have any special requests regarding shipping, that can result in a delay of a day or more. So, please plan ahead and contact us to make sure we’re all on the same page. The shipping map we use is a guide–we cannot guarantee arrival date, but we can do the best we can on our end to confirm whether or not it’s even reasonably possible to expect an order to arrive on a certain date. If you want to cook a special dinner for Aunt Martha on Friday, make sure you plan ahead to get that order several days in advance of that Friday or even better weeks in advance. Having a specific date in mind and ordering last minute frequently leads to disappointed customers and we want you to be satisfied.

Also, again, double and triple-check that both your billing and shipping addresses are correct. Double and triple-check that you ordered what you want to get. We are working with perishable frozen seafood. Once an item is scheduled to go out, we can’t pull it back without ruining it. The order is done and we are not responsible for customers that decide to change their orders mid-shipping process.

We have a shipping map with planned arrival dates for arrival of your orders. However, weather happens, schedules change, carriers drop the ball. If you are planning for a specific event on a certain day, we strongly urge you to order early to have your order arrive multiple days before your event. It’s the safest way to avoid disappointment.

ALSO, PLEASE RECOGNIZE THAT WE ARE NOT UPS NOR ARE WE FEDEX OR ONTRAC. We wish we could personally deliver your order to you, but this country is enormous and geographically diverse, so we use these carriers to deliver orders to you. Some times these carriers make mistakes, destroy boxes, and deliver packages late. We make mistakes, too. When we re-ship orders because of a mistake that these carriers made, we do so on our dime, and we hate to see it happen, too, but please recognize that we do everything we can to make sure orders arrive in the best condition possible. If your order magically arrives early, don’t congratulate us, thank your delivery driver, but if it arrives late, please also recognize that we have at least tried to do everything possible on our end to make it right. We use strong boxes and include more than enough dry ice to ensure arrival in good condition. Reaching a human being if you call or email these carriers is nearly impossible, and we do not have a special line to reach them, so it’s basically impossible to make adjustments mid-shipment. We are a tiny, tiny company. And if you want your package rerouted once it has left our facility, it is nearly impossible.

If you have a date that you want to have your seafood delivered by, please contact us before ordering.  We cannot guarantee specific arrival date requests, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. It must be noted that carriers cannot guarantee arrival dates either. If you have an order that needs to be received by a certain date, please get in contact with us prior to ordering. 

Once again, we recommend ordering much earlier than your planned event–that’s what freezers are for. If you don’t order with a specific date in mind, that will diminish the chances of disappointment for everybody.

Credit Card Authorization Form

To prevent fraud, orders from new customers with a different bill-to and ship-to address might require filling out a credit card authorization form. We wish we didn’t have to do this, but there are people out there who order fish using other people’s credit cards. This is an extra security method to give us peace of mind when shipping valuable perishable product to people with whom we haven’t done business before. We will reach out to you via email and/or phone if we require the authorization form.

Returns Policy

Frozen seafood items cannot be returned. We can’t re-use them and it’s extremely expensive to send perishable goods. Do not attempt to send them back to us. If you receive fish products that are thawed or materially damaged or have other substantive problems, we will replace your products free of charge.

If you are trying something new for the first time, please order the smallest quantity. The most economic way to get our fish for you and for us is by ordering larger quantities, but we offer smaller quantities(5-pound boxes) for those wanting to try something for the first time. We also offer our Alaska Gold Standard Variety Pack so you can get a taste of what we do. We stand by the quality of our fish. The handling methods on the boats, the care we put into processing and packaging the fish are all second to none. We cannot account for your tastes if you order a large box of halibut and decide that you don’t like halibut. Seafood that is ordered cannot be returned. If you ordered the wrong item, please don’t send it back. Please check your email receipt to make sure you are getting what you want. That being said, we stand by the quality of what we produce and want you to be completely satisfied with the quality of our Alaska Gold Seafood products. We offer numerous seafood recipes and cooking tips. We can also answer questions and offer tips over the phone or by email, but recognize that we all have different tastes.

To request a replacement or if you have any other issue with delivery or the product, please contact us at alaskagoldservicealaskagoldbrand.com ( is @) with details within 7 days of receipt of products. Please, if you can, send photos of the damage in question to this email address. There should also be a lot code on a small sticker on each package. Please take a picture of this code. Once again, we pride ourselves in our product, so any complaint is a serious complaint. But without supporting information, we cannot learn from those experiences or even be confident that we are talking about the same thing. Please email a picture of the unsatisfactory product and describe to the best of your ability the problem with the product and send to alaskagoldservicealaskagoldbrand.com. (Note is @ in the email address.)  Please include the following information (how the fish was handled, thawed, cooked) and send pictures, without which we do not have enough information to rectify the situation and we cannot offer a refund or re-ship or whatever is deemed necessary.

If you are not satisfied with your order, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Please notify us within 7 days of purchase date with order number.
  • Product must have been purchased from Alaska Gold Seafood’s www.alaskagoldbrand.com web site.
  • You must have a proof of purchase. When your order goes through our website, you will receive an automatically generated email receipt.
  • If we do issue a store credit, it can only go to the person who placed the order through our website.
  • Shipping charges are refundable only if products were delivered late or damaged in transit.
  • Alaska Gold Seafood cannot be held responsible for damages to our product coming from not storing it properly upon receipt.
  • Did your order arrive on time but nobody was there to receive it? We can’t take responsibility for delays in receipt of packages because of a problem with the front desk or door person at your residence or business. Which is why we send an email with tracking info. If you have any questions on arrival date, let us know.

A replacement will only be sent with the evidence that there was a delay in shipment or damage to the product. For other cases, we will use our best judgement to offer partial or full store credit as we see the case.

Weather & Shipping

We do our best to monitor weather around the country. We will hold our perishables packages if a region is experiencing  a weather event until no delays are expected. We will be as proactive as possible to not ship until we know our packages can arrive in a safe condition in a timely manner. However, we cannot predict changes in the weather. We will do our best to inform customers of the status of the package if there are changes, but if you don’t get an email with tracking info on the day you expect your package to be shipped then contact us–these emails with tracking info go out after 5pm PST. Weather events are out of our control and once a package has left our facilities, we cannot re-route it. We advise customers to plan ahead and not order last minute. Weather is difficult to predict and we will hold a package if a region is experiencing a weather event until that region is deemed safe and delay free. Even areas not directly affected by the weather event can experience delays, as there are hubs that carriers use that also need to be clear of any major weather events.

Our FREE shipping is the default available on all orders, except those going to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. There is a  handling charge for orders going to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. In addition, customers can select “Rush”  shipping for additional surcharges. RUSH means the package will be shipped overnight on the next available shipping day. See more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Orders arriving thawed

We ship all over the country in all kinds of weather. We look at where a package is going and the predicted weather for the location before shipping. Based on prior experience, we include enough ice on orders to keep the order frozen upon arrival, plus an “insurance amount.” Your order should arrive frozen. However, there can be delays when either weather, mechanical issues, or just plain human error cause a late arrival. The “insurance amount” of ice we include can usually keep the product frozen an additional day. However, if you are concerned with thawing issues, please contact us. Please be as specific as possible with descriptions of thawing (how many pieces affected, partially or completely thawed) and please send pictures to our email address, too, if you can.


Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. You can only use one coupon at a time. Coupons are not valid on the Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program subscriptions. We reserve the right not to honor coupons when they are used inappropriately.


Like everything else in the world, our pricing is dependent on Supply and Demand. Pricing in the fishing world is somewhat volatile. If you ordered an item one day and a few weeks later, the price has changed, don’t be surprised. We  offer as fair prices as we can. We stand by our prices. We also offer seasonal specials. Our fishermen-owned co-op’s sole purpose is to get the fairest price for fishermen owners. We have no other investors getting rich on Wall Street. All profits go to the hard-working fishermen.  

Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program Subscriptions Pricing

Prices are subject to change on all products, including subscriptions. We aim to lock in a price on subscriptions and have it always be the recurring subscription price for each month or quarter. However, in some  instances, we will have to change prices on the subscriptions. We will notify current subscribers by email of any changes to prices before we send the orders.

Gift cards can only be used toward new subscription orders and not to recurring orders. If you contact us before your subscription ships, we can also add an extra item to your shipment for 15% off.* *Note: The 15 % discount does not apply to canned items or Discounted Items for Restaurants and Group Orders. Though you’re welcome to log in online, changing your subscription is so much easier if you contact us–websites are confusing and ours is no exception. We like giving personal service to our customers.  We can change shipping dates and/or add and subtract items to your order you’d like. Just email us or call 844-833-0120. We love hearing from our customers!

Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program Subscriptions Policies

When you sign up for one of our Alaska Gold Club Subscriptions, you are signing up for getting our product once a month (or other frequency of your choosing). If you order on the 5th of the month, by default your credit card will be charged for one order upon placing the order. Your subscription will automatically renew and your card will be charged again on the 5th of the next month. When you receive the email receipt, that is when the order is received on our end and your card charged. We then ship on the next available shipping date.

We are flexible with frequency of shipping. Options include having your subscription renew every 2 weeks, every month, every 6 weeks, every 2 months, every quarter (3 months). You can also change the day it is renewed by contacting us. Please note that if you would like to change your subscription (items ordered or frequency), you must contact us before your subscription renews. For example, if your subscription renews on the 5th, then you must contact us by the 4th.

Note the coupons and gift cards do not apply to recurring subscriptions.

Note also that if your subscription renews and the order ships, we cannot be responsible for returning or refunding the order.

Gift Cards

Please note that gift cards can only be used toward new orders on the Alaska Gold Seafood website and cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift cards are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We at Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) pledge never to sell your personal information to any third party for any reason without your permission. 

Who hosts the AlaskaGoldBrand.com website?

Our site is hosted by Shopify. We have Secure Lockets Layer (SSL) and everything required to safely accept credit card information.

Information Collection and Use
SPC collects information from our shoppers on our website during the checkout phase of ordering, and is the sole owner of this information. We will never sell this information. We use a major credit card processing company to bill our customers for goods and services, and we use a major shipping company (i.e., OnTrac, UPS or FedEx) to ship our orders. We must send selected personal information to these companies to process and ship your order. See our full Privacy Policy here.

Online Orders
We request information from you in our shopping cart order form such as name, shipping address & email address and financial information. This information is only used for billing purposes and to fill your orders.

Transactional Emails

Once you enter a order, we will send you an order confirmation receipt. You will also receive an email when your order has shipped. 

Email Newsletters
From time to time, we would like to send you emails regarding special offers and/or events. At any time, you may request to be removed from our newsletter mailing list.  Easy instructions will appear on any e-mail newsletter.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions 

We have a referral program to encourage customers to share our seafood with others. See our Referral Program Terms and Conditions here.

With respect to security: we always use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

We have the strictest adherence to quality and these standards apply to protecting your privacy as well.

A Special Note on Sablefish

Very rarely, sablefish (black cod) portions may turn into a soft, jelly-like substance while cooking. This phenomenon, known as jellied sablefish, is thought to be the result of physiological changes that occur in sablefish inhabiting deeper waters. Our team visually inspects all our portions, but occasionally the jelly-like portions are not visually detectable and pass through our inspections.

If this happens, take a picture of the jelly-like fish and send it to alaskagoldservice<at>alaskagoldbrand.com and we will arrange for a discount on your next order.

Any Other Questions

Feel free to contact us at anytime at 844-833-0120 or send an email to alaskagoldservice<at>alaskagoldbrand.com. A lot of questions are answered on our FAQs page.

We reserve the right to refuse service to customers.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service or to impose new conditions on use of the Site, from time to time, in which case we will post the revised Terms of Service on this website on this page.