How to Prepare Black Cod | Alaska Gold Seafood

Our Alaska Gold Black Cod, whose true name is sablefish, is a luscious, versatile fish that has been gaining in popularity for its rich taste and health benefits. In all honesty, you could prepare it plain with just some salt and pepper and be pleased with its delectable flavor, but we offer some suggestions below.

When you receive our Alaska Gold Black Cod portions, store in your home freezer. Like all of our frozen seafood, we recommend thawing in your refrigerator for 24 hours and offer more tips on how to prepare frozen seafood here. Before thawing, remove from the vacuum-sealed pack and place on a plate in your fridge with a paper towel to catch any of the liquid from thawing. Once thawed you can start preparing. Though, if you are in a pinch for time, you could start a marinade with the fish still partially frozen.

Sablefish is a robust fish in terms of texture and makeup, and it stays intact well over a number of different preparations. You can also cook our black cod from frozen. We have a recipe and suggestions for how to cook black cod from frozen using an air fryer here.

Some of the best ways to prepare black cod include:

*Pan searing with a miso glaze. This is our take on the classic miso-marinated black cod recipe.

* Steaming it with ginger and scallions or other vegetables. We offer this Steamed Black Cod recipe here.

* Making a teriyaki stir fry. This black cod stir fry recipe includes a great hack for homemade teriyaki sauce.

* Make a Kasu black cod. A classic Japanese method to prepare black cod is marinated in kasuzuke, which is the lees from making the Japanese rice wine sake. Kasu black cod is a favorite in the Pacific Northwest and typically made in a marinade of kasuzuke, mirin, brown sugar (honey works here, too) and miso paste.

Since Alaskan black cod is so popular in Asia, a lot of the traditional recipes have Asian seasonings and preparation styles, but you don’t have to make black cod in an Asian-style recipe. We offer this black cod with Romesco recipe for a more Mediterranean take on black cod.

You can also make Black Cod Ceviche. Its firm texture makes it a great choice for ceviche! This is a recipe and picture a customer sent us with her take on black cod ceviche.

Have you ever tried Smoked Black Cod? Our Smoked Sablefish does the cooking for you. Just thaw and serve on top of pastas and rice dishes. We make it as a substitute for bacon in breakfast. With its rich, smokiness, black cod is the bacon of the sea!

When you run out of ways to cook black cod, there is always this Black Cod Tacos Recipe.