Wine pairings with seafood | Alaska Gold Seafood

Just as our tastes in wine are subjective, so are our tastes in fish, but here is our attempt to provide objective descriptions of the fish we offer and possible wine pairings…

If we were to pick one salmon to serve our friends and impress them, wild king salmon (aka Chinook or Spring salmon) is it. Rich, oily, loaded with flavor, king salmon is the cream of the crop. Pairs wonderfully with a full bodied, big, buttery Chardonnay and it even has the heft to even be served alongside a meaty red, ideally a Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir or Merlot.

Our Coho salmon is milder, more delicate, and might pair better with a lighter wine like a lighter Chardonnay and this coconut miso coho salmon recipe would go perfectly with a Chardonnay. Coho salmon works better with adventurous recipes because it is milder than king salmon. One of our customers told us that her go-to fish recipe is  Its flavor won’t compete with sauces and spices quite like a king.

Halibut is a classic. Ever popular for its white, flaky flesh, it is the most delicate fish imaginable. Halibut and fresh asparagus tastes like a perfect spring day. Camaraderie Cellars produces what they call a Trinquer, which is the sound of two wine glasses in a toast. The Trinquer is a blend of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, and all of these wines would go beautifully with halibut, but a Trinquer would be really special.

Sablefish aka Black cod, like halibut, is white and flakes perfectly, but is oilier and a bit heavier in taste than halibut. Sablefish pairs well with Asian flavors. A sake or a Rosé wine might go really well. Smoked black cod is about as close to heaven as your taste buds will get.

Albacore tuna is absolutely delicious seared and paired with some light vegetables, a salad, a simple vinaigrette–light sesame oil, soy sauce. Our sashimi-grade albacore tuna medallions are also perfect in this Hawaiian-style poke recipe. Serve with a good IPA.

These are all subjective takes on wine pairings with seafood. The best way to find the right combination for you is to start drinking wine with your seafood and decide for yourself.