Where Quality, Sustainability, and Tradition Meet

What is the Alaska Gold Story?

When you order from Alaska Gold, you’re doing more than getting the best wild Alaskan seafood around. You’re making a commitment to family, tradition, sustainability, and excellence, just like we do every day. Since the formation of our fishermen-owned co-op on May 12th, 1944, we’ve held firm to these beliefs.

Being a fishermen-owned co-op means that when there are profits, they go to the actual producers, the fishermen, and not distant shareholders. In the food business, it is very rare that the small producers—the farmers, the harvesters, the
fishermen—see the proceeds from their hard work. Being a fishermen-owned co-op
means that coastal communities of southeast Alaska, home of the some of the richest waters on the planet, are able to make a living while also preserving
this bounty.

At Alaska Gold, we believe quality begins with every boat. That’s why we choose to fish the traditional way with hook and
line. Our Wild Alaska Seafood, line-caught in one of the most special places on the planet, is unparalleled in quality. This pride in quality is why we’ve been, and continue to be, fishermen-owned and operated. 

When you order from Alaska Gold, you’re making a pledge to support the small, family-run businesses that make up Seafood Producers Cooperative and their coastal community.  And you’re choosing to recognize and embrace the tradition of sustainable fishing. See our story here.

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Our Commitment
to Quality

Since 1944, we’ve remained committed to sea-to-table quality. That’s why the seafood you order from Alaska Gold will always come from traditional, not industrial, fishing methods. Our hook-and-line fishing practices may take longer, but quality you can taste is something worth waiting for—and worth preserving.

Treating each fish with respect and care leaves us all with a more sustainable ocean, and leaves families like yours with higher-quality seafood. Whether you’re here for our popular Alaska Gold wild salmon or delicious, heart-healthy halibut, you can be sure we’ve done things the right way. Because for us, One Fish At A Time means excellence and integrity with every catch.

Raising the bar in sustainable seafood
Alaska Gold

Sustainable seafood

At Alaska Gold, we believe it’s our obligation to be responsible stewards of the resource so that our grandchildren can fish the same way we do. Because to us, sustainability is more than a practice. It’s at the core of everything we do.

Sustainable seafood means adhering to fishing practices that benefit the ocean and its local fishing communities, including science-based management, careful harvesting by hook and line fishing methods, and ocean conservation efforts. When you buy Alaska Gold seafood, you’re making a pledge to these very same communities. It’s this pledge that’s sustained us since 1944. 

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