Collection: Dungeness Crab

Alaskan Dungeness Crab

For a delicious and convenient bite, try our wild Alaskan Dungeness crab. These mild-tasting crustaceans are sustainably caught by one of our partners near Haines, Alaska. Each box of Dungeness crab shipped from Alaska contains 4.5 pounds of deliciously mild crabs, perfect for feeding a family of four to six people.

The legs and knuckles of these Alaskan Dungeness crabs contain the most delicious meat of all. Not only is this meat juicy and tender, but it’s packed with essential nutrients your body needs. We pre-cook and blast-freeze all our Alaskan Dungeness crabs before shipping, so all you need to do is steam and serve.

Buy a few clusters of wild Alaskan Dungeness crabs online and try them with garlic butter! We guarantee top-tier, wild-caught quality and a true taste of Alaska.