Alaska Gold™ Frozen at Sea Salmon

Alaska Gold™ Frozen at Sea salmon are caught by Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) members on hook and line One Fish At A Time and frozen at sea to assure their consistent pristine quality (see this video).

Once a fish is caught, the clock starts ticking on its freshness. More important than time is temperature and handling methods. For decades, SPC has been known as an industry leader in pioneering handling methods that assure the consistent pristine quality of SPC fish.

A number of SPC salmon fishermen have freezer boats with which they blast freeze fish for a specialized premium market–this fish is perfect for those seeking sashimi and ultra-fresh tasting fish any time of the year.

Within an hour of being caught, their salmon is cleaned thoroughly and placed in a freezer hold at -40 Fahrenheit. The salmon’s internal temperature reaches -20 F within four to six hours. Physiologically speaking, time stops. Any of the fish’s breakdown halts at this point, including key enzymatic processes that occur at a cellular level which affect texture and taste. The fish literally becomes frozen in time within hours, much faster than any fish sold on the fresh market can reach its customers.

What also matters is starting with a fish of pristine quality–each line-caught salmon is handled according to SPC’s strictest of quality standards. This strict adherence to quality means that SPC’s frozen at sea salmon is superior to most fish sold on the fresh market. Blind taste tests between a never-been-frozen line-caught salmon and a frozen-at-sea line-caught salmon reveal that even expert chefs cannot tell the difference.

A line-caught frozen-at-sea salmon allows diners to have the best quality salmon on the market any time of the year. Seafood Producers Cooperative is North America’s oldest fishermen’s co-op. Since 1944, we’ve been owned by quality-oriented fishermen who roam the waters of the North Pacific, primarily in Southeast Alaska, and fish using traditional hook and line methods. For years, our premium-quality salmon has been served in the highest quality restaurants and retailers. Now, our salmon is available direct from the fishermen for the general public at