Meet the Fish Mongers | Alaska Gold Seafood

For as long as people have been catching fish for a living to bring people food to eat there have been fish mongers. Fish mongers, or fish mongerers as we like to call them here, help customers navigate our seafood offerings and can help with suggestions on the best seafood recipes and preparations.

According to Etymonline, the word Monger comes from the Old English mangere meaning “merchant, trader, or broker,” which might have come from the old Greek manganon, meaning “to charm.” While there have been negative connotations of the word (e.g., fear monger), we aim to reduce fear of fish. Our Alaska Gold Seafood is handled with care and delicious. We can help you sort through our offerings to make the best choice for you.

Meet our Alaska Gold Seafood Fish Mongers below.

Kendall has spent a little time on fishing boats in Southeast Alaska and the reason he shows up to work every day is to help illustrate the beautiful lifestyle our fishermen lead–the beautiful place and the exquisite fish are all made better because our fishermen fight to preserve a lifestyle and the place where they work. When not eating, fishing or kayaking up in Alaska, he’s playing his mandolin.