4 Reasons Why Frozen Fish Is Often Better Than Fresh Fish

What does “fresh” really mean at your supermarket counter? You may think that fresh is always better than frozen, but there are marked benefits to buying frozen fish; it’s often better than fresh fish in quality and taste, for example. Here are a few reasons to consider buying frozen seafood online.

Frozen Is Actually Fresher

When our fishermen catch salmon, black cod, or any Alaskan fish, they haul them aboard and put them on ice within minutes. Their freshness—that wild-caught taste—is frozen in time; our fish don’t spend their journey being thawed and re-frozen several times. Meanwhile, the “fresh” fish at your supermarket were probably taken in and out of the freezer a few times, so they’re not as fresh as you think!

Taste Can Travel Farther

When fresh seafood is flash frozen, it can be shipped further away without compromising the taste. Midwesterners and those on the East Coast can enjoy a taste of the Pacific Northwest when it’s been expertly preserved. Pick up a few portions of wild Alaskan salmon online and taste the difference between our wild-caught product and thawed-out supermarket salmon.

Texture Is Expertly Preserved

When a fish is frozen, thawed, and then thrown in the freezer again, the process compromises the texture of the fish. Ice crystals form, melt, and then re-form within the meat every time it’s frozen, making the “fresh” fish at your supermarket feel a little soggy. At Alaska Gold, we freeze our fish once. When you thaw it out at home, you know you’re getting the taste and texture of the wild Pacific.

Nutrition Is Sealed In

When we flash-freeze our fish just minutes after catching them, the process locks in not only the taste and texture but the nutritional value of the fish. Enjoy all those heart-healthy omega-3s and high levels of protein the way they were meant to be enjoyed—deliciously! Flash-freezing also helps prevent bacteria from growing in the meat, so it’s both healthy and safe.

Challenge the idea that fresh is always better than frozen. In cases like ours, frozen fish is often better than fresh fish because it only goes into the freezer once. Taste the difference with Alaska Gold’s wild-caught seafood options today.