What Makes the Alaskan King Salmon So Special?

As you plan your next salmon dinner, choose a world-class fish with a well-deserved reputation. Our line-caught wild Alaskan king salmon offer health benefits for you while being kind to our oceans. If you don’t yet know why Alaskan king salmon is so special, read on.

Wild-Caught Taste

Our Alaskan king salmon aren’t raised in big farms or pens. We fish for them out in the wild with traditional hook-and-line methods. Because the salmon can roam around and eat what they want, they enjoy a diverse and nutrient-rich diet that improves their overall taste.

Variety in Colors

When you order salmon online from Alaska Gold, you’ll notice that we have three stellar varieties of king salmon: red, ivory, and marbled. They’re all the same species of fish—Oncorhynchus tshawytscha—but they each offer different tastes and textures. Go bold with the flavors of red king salmon, or choose the milder, more buttery taste of ivory.

Nutritional Value

Alaskan king salmon is much healthier than the salmon you’ll find at your local grocery store. Because it’s caught in the wild and not farmed, the fish get more exercise and a varied diet, which translates to tasty, high-quality meat for you. Our king salmon is packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, as well as daily doses of selenium and vitamin D.


When you buy line-caught Alaskan king salmon from Alaska Gold, you know you’re supporting an environmentally conscious business. Our fishermen use traditional techniques and take care not to overfish the pristine Pacific waters. We care deeply about preserving Alaska’s salmon population while offering seafood of superior quality.

So what makes the Alaskan king salmon so special? Easy: these prized fish, when harvested humanely from wild waters, offer a delicious taste and health benefits galore. You can dig into your dinner knowing that it came from Alaska—the salmon capital of the world.