What is the secret to fishing? | Alaska Gold Seafood

What is the secret to fishing? What does the data show?

The secret is…

Be there.

An informal poll among us SPC fishermen revealed that those who are out fishing more often and fishing more hours catch more fish.

Everybody has their spots, their favorite lures to use when the fish aren’t biting, but what it all comes down to is hard work. That’s the SPC way.

When we look at the data, the fishermen who are bringing in more fish every day to the SPC plant are the ones who are out at sea any chance they can get. The diehards.

Southeast Alaska is a unique place in that fishermen can fish nearly year round depending on species and carefully managed quotas. The weather is mild enough and the waters are rich enough that plentiful fish can be caught at almost any time. A lot of us fishermen do just that—we fish every opportunity we get.

At SPC, we take great pride in what we do. We fishermen bring a strong work ethic to what we do, which is bring high quality fish to our customers. We eat, breathe, and live fish. Heck, some of us even look like fish we’ve been fishing so long. But as one of our fishermen members said: “I don’t want to retire. It’s just too much fun chasing fish.”

Wally and Kathi Warm, SPC hook and line fishing team. Kathi, on fishing: “I don’t want to retire. It’s just too much fun chasing fish.”