Our Smoked King Salmon Gift to You

Place an order between May 8th and May 18th and we’ll send you some of our traditional smoked king salmon. Our Alaska Gold smoked king salmon makes for a scrumptious snack on the go, a decadent appetizer to impress guests, or an absolutely delicious spread on a bagel. Customers give rave reviews of our smoked salmon, like:

Your smoked  and  candied salmon—OMG—-no wonder the company is called Alaska Gold.” Rosemary in New York.

“This is the best smoked salmon that I have ever had!” From multiple customers around the country.

Our Alaska Gold smoked salmon is great on its own, but check out what our friend Emma Frisch did with this smoked salmon spread.



Note: Our smoked king salmon gift will only go out with orders requiring ice. So if you order our case of canned tuna, one of our 4-packs of canned tuna, or our gift certificate, we won’t be able to send out the smoked salmon.