Jay and Becky Haun

Jay and I have enjoyed commercial fishing together for thirty-five years in Washington and Alaska. He had dreamed of being a fisherman as a young man. Part of that dream included taking his wife and family with him. His dream became my reality and life style and continues to be an unbelievable adventure every year. We have owned and operated our own fishing vessel since 1971. We have also raised our two children aboard the F/V Cinnabar with us in our family business trolling for wild salmon and long lining halibut.

Living on the ocean five months each year, away from the distractions of “land life” gives us plenty of time to reflect. As we move closer to retirement, we look back fondly on our choice of profession and the quality of life we have been blessed to experience.

In return for these privileges, we have taught our children the importance of family values, good work ethics, respect for the natural resources of this earth, the gratitude for the precious gifts of life given to us in the fruit of our labors. Each fish we catch aboard the Cinnabar with our hook and line is treated with special care with the same attitude of value, quality and appreciation. We put that attitude into action by preparing each fish as if preparing it for our own family.

We have been part of Seafood Producers Cooperative since 1973. It also represents family and high quality to us. There are some 500 members in the family of SPC. As one business, we are known for our diligent effort in making sure our product has the highest quality for our customers. Each fish is caught by hook and line, one at a time, and immediately processed for the best taste and quality. With the working together of a conscientious staff and fishermen (and women) membership, SPC products reflect the fruits of a dedicated company. My husband and I are proud to be a part of Seafood Producers Cooperative providing valued seafood products all over the world.