Flash Frozen Wild Salmon: Fresher Than Fresh | Alaska Gold Seafood

Alaska Salmon with Miso Ginger Rub. Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood.

Alaska Gold Flash Frozen Wild Salmon are caught on hook and line in Alaska’s pristine glacial waters One Fish At A Time and flash frozen. Flash freezing salmon locks in the salmon’s fresh from the ocean flavors, resulting in a premium-quality salmon any time of the year.

Fresher than Fresh, Alaska Gold Flash Frozen Wild Salmon is the best wild salmon you can eat any time of the year.

No fish is handled with more care from the time it leaves the water until delivered to a customer than a line-caught flash frozen Alaska Gold Wild Salmon from Seafood Producers Cooperative.

Frozen At Sea salmon are flash frozen at -40 F, stopping decomposition at a cellular level, which makes for a salmon that is Fresher than Fresh.

We fishermen take great pride in maintaining a top quality product from ocean to market.Because every customer is important and every bite a diner takes should be as close to perfect as possible, we Seafood Producers Cooperative fishermen catch One Fish At A Time on hook and line. We process each Alaska Gold™ salmon individually to meet the strictest of quality standards.

This video details the processes used to produce the finest flash frozen wild salmon. Starting with the freshest, highest quality salmon, and then quickly flash freezing it within minutes, means that you get the freshest salmon available.

Being line-caught makes for the highest quality salmon available. Caught in the open ocean, line-caught salmon are ocean bright, making for a much fresher taste than a salmon caught by net near its spawning grounds.

Only a small percentage—less than 5%—of Alaska salmon comes from hook and line methods, but what line-caught Alaska Gold™ salmon lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality.


Our Flash Frozen Wild Alaska Gold Salmon goes from the water to your plate in the most direct path possible. The diligent care with which Seafood Producers Cooperative handles our Frozen At Sea Alaska Gold™ salmon means that you are getting salmon that is Fresher than Fresh. It also means that they can eat this high quality Alaska Gold™ salmon any time of the year.