One Fish At A Time

The Beauty of Line-caught Salmon

We small boat hook and line fishermen catch and process each fish One Hook One Fish At A Time. Hook and line fishing, otherwise known as trolling for salmon, is a traditional way of fishing that results in an extremely high quality salmon. Our line-caught wild salmon are caught, bled, processed and put on ice within minutes of being caught. Our catch methods and handling procedures are unparalleled in the industry.

This video illustrates what is special about fishing with hook and line methods.

The first great benefit of a line-caught wild salmon is that a salmon caught on hook and line is by definition actively feeding and therefore at the peak of their quality and especially loaded with the healthy nutrients that we associate with wild salmon. The second great attribute of a line-caught wild salmon is the great care put into making the fish special, as catching fish on hook and line gives the fisherman time to take care of the fish.

Here’s how it works:

Each of us fishermen has techniques that we have gained over many years and sometimes passed along in families through generations of fishing. Using our knowledge of where freely migrating and actively feeding fish might be, we fishermen head out in our boats and, once at waters we deem to be appropriate for weather and tide conditions, troll with lures or baited hooks at slow speeds. Typically, we try to troll at the speed that the salmon we are catching would be swimming. This not only makes the lures more appealing but minimizes stress on the fish, making for a better quality fish. Minimizing stress on the fish reduces the amount of lactic acid released in the fish, which can cause an off flavor. Through years of trial and error, we fishermen have found the right combination of line, lures and boat speeds to find the right fish. Then, with great care, handling each fish as if it were to be served on our own dinner tables, take the fish we catch back to town for delivery at our fishermen-owned fish plant.

We hook and line fishermen have a deep connection with the ocean and an expansive knowledge of where and how to find the biting salmon. Once a fish is on the line, we frequently know what type of fish it is and how big it might be. We minimize bycatch with our knowledge of where to fish and by pinpointing species with the right lures. We bring the fish to the boat and deliver it onto the boat at the exact moment to avoid any damage to the fish. Once aboard, we bleed and gut the fish immediately. We then quickly ice or  freeze the fish capturing the fish in its freshest state so that you can enjoy the highest quality seafood on land.

Our One Fish At A Time philosophy produces the best quality wild-caught salmon and is good for the overall health of the fisheries. Here’s a video on our Good Catch.