Easy Salmon Tacos Recipe

Easy Salmon Tacos Recipe

Here’s a note from Jordan in Bellingham, WA:

“This morning for breakfast, we all indulged in some Alaska Gold smoked salmon and cream cheese. Then, for dinner, we had Easy Salmon tacos and the kids loved them. Kids already asked when we get to eat the next package.”

Gavrie, 10, and Kinsey, 8, cleaning their plates.


1 package Easy Salmon

Taco seasoning

1 Bell pepper

1 bunch romaine lettuce

Feta cheese

Package of corn tortillas

“Pink” 1 package Easy Salmon (the part where it says to “brown” beef)
Add a few dashes of taco seasoning
Serve to baby plain
Serve to others with taco fixings (in our case tonight, it was sour cream, romaine, bell peppers, and feta on a corn tortilla)
Serve seconds to baby and kids, then take picture.
Total time from fridge to table: 8 minutes

Isabel devouring Easy Salmon.