SPC Brand™ Albacore | Alaska Gold Seafood

When you think of canned albacore, you might picture a dry shredded white meat that you might put in a tuna salad sandwich. You probably don’t  consider the albacore to be like its typically more prized cousin, the yellowfin, which is known as a “sushi fish” even by most laypeople. But this image of dry meat could not be any different than the young albacore that we harvest in the North Pacific.

Born out in the west Pacific, near Japan and Fiji, juvenile albacore follow feed as they migrate east towards the West Coast of the United States. Because they are putting on weight and consuming a quarter of their weight in small fish every day, they are much higher in healthy oils than the adults that are caught in nets. In its juvenile stage, caught before winter in the waters of the North Pacific, the albacore tuna is prized as a very high grade sashimi grade fish among those who know.

Our albacore tuna loins are packaged in vacuum-sealed packs to be sent to upscale sushi restaurants or cut into medallions and canned. These canned medallions are not to be missed. In springtime, there is no better or healthier meal than a albacore medallion cut and spread over two plates of greens with a dressing of olive and sesame oil with a dash of soy sauce. Simple, elegant and filling because of the rich oils of the albacore, we love these salads after bike ride, walks in the forests with our pooches, or on hot days out on the water.

Albacore truly are an extraordinary fish and highly sought after by those in the know for sashimi–it’s known as Tombo in sushi restaurants. Their medallions, cut from their top and bottom loins, are also great seared or put in a salad raw and very lightly cooked.

When caught in the waters off Alaska and the West Coast by our fishermen, they’re caught by hook and line One Fish At A Time.

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