The Seafood Producers Cooperative Mission Statement

The Seafood Producers Cooperative Mission Statement The mission of Seafood Producers Cooperative is to maintain an opportunity for quality oriented fishermen to participate in a cooperative organization that provides processing, marketing and support services which will allow members to maximize the benefits of their fishing efforts and provide the consumer with the highest quality seafood possible.

Quality is the keystone of  our mission and all of the High Quality Seafood that Seafood Producers Cooperative catches and sells on the AlaskaGoldBrand website are aimed to please our customers.

Everything we do is to ensure that our fishermen members can stay true to traditional hook and line fishing methods that not only bring  premium quality seafood to our customers’ plates but allow our fishermen to continue fishing  for generations to come. Our quality standards ensure our longevity as an organization.

By staying true to our promise of quality and our use of traditional hook and line methods, we ensure that future generations of our fishermen will be able to pursue the highest quality seafood available on the market.

The fish you get is the freshest and tastiest because we catch, fillet and deliver our fish caught on hook and line One Fish At A Time.

We are the oldest and most successful fishermen’s cooperative because of our commitment to quality. 

At the heart of everything we do is the overriding concern for “maintaining a top quality product from ocean to market.” That’s what Donna and Francis Caldwell, a fishwife and one of our fishermen, wrote in The Ebb and the Flood, a 1980 history of our cooperative. By staying true to our commitment to quality and our use of traditional hook and line methods, we also ensure that future generations of our fishermen will enjoy the bounties of the sea.

SPC products have the most direct path from boat to plate because we the fishermen are in charge and take pride in our uncompromising commitment to quality.