Ring the Bell! Alaska Gold Wild Salmon!

Dear Alaska Gold Seafood Customers,

In Sitka, Alaska, home port of a good number of our co-op’s fleet, you can probably find one of the largest congregations of small wooden trolling boats on the planet. Many of these boats were built in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. They are boats with character, distinction, each with a story of its own, and we proudly feature one of these boats with our resident volcano Mount Edgecumbe in the Alaska Gold Seafood logo.

These trolling boats catch and deliver the line-caught wild salmon that we offer for sale. In time for grilling season, we will be featuring 15% off all of our Alaska Gold Wild Salmon. We’ll be sharing stories throughout the month about our line-caught wild salmon and the people that catch and deliver it. Line-caught salmon represents less than one 1% of the salmon on the market and the care involved in producing a line-caught salmon results in a spectacular product with distinction.

The first story we wanted to tell was about the bells that sound on most trolling boats, as a kick-off to our salmon sale:

Trolling boats are typically equipped with 4 trolling lines or “wires.” Each trolling wire might pull 8 to 12 leaders. There might be 8 leaders on each wire. The wires attach to trolling poles. Some boats have two sets of trolling poles—the bow and stern poles. Other trolling boats might have all 4 wires come off two poles.

On each trolling pole, there is frequently a bell or set of bells (pictured below). These bell ring when there is a tug on the line. Depending on the particular tonal qualities of the ring of the bell, you can get an idea of what’s on the end of the line. When Coho salmon hit the line they make a sharp ding-a-ling of the bell that soon stops. When king salmon hit, they make a big thump and a lower toned ring. You might see the wire on the trolling pole bounce up and down like a trampoline when a big king salmon hits. Each ding-a-ling is exciting for the fishermen, because it tells them that it’s time to get ready to bring a fish to the boat by wrapping leader around their hands and then gaffing and cleaning the fish once in the boat.

Thanks for your support!

With Gratitude,

The Folks at Alaska Gold Seafood