Ocean Stewardship

There’s an old Boy Scout mantra that says you leave the campsite cleaner than how you found it. More than a Boy Scout lesson, this little saying is a life purpose: Leave the world a better place than how you found it. It’s hard work. Some times you take two steps backwards for every step forward. But it’s worthy work.

The Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association works hard at leaving the world a better place than how they found it by restoring salmon habitat in Whatcom County, which used to have the biggest salmon cannery in the world. Clearly, salmon production in Whatcom County is now a shadow of what it was during the salmon canning days. But NSEA works to make that salmon habitat better than how they found it. Which is something we believe in, too.

We here at Seafood Producers Cooperative will be providing 300 salmon dinners for NSEA’s fundraising event, the 12th Annual Salmon At The Bay at Boundary Bay Brewery, Saturday August 16th from 5 to 8:30pm. We’ll also be announcing the grand opening of our store on this website. Our hook and line-caught seafood has been so popular with chefs and retailers around the world that we wanted to make it available for purchase by the general public.

NSEA’s salmon dinner is a great event to support something we all believe in: Restoring salmon habit . Salmon are the foundation species, the building blocks not just for stream ecology but for local economies. When we support salmon, we’re leaving this beautiful community we live in a better place.

Some of our fishermen’s cooperative members–like Dick Curran–help the ocean, leaving it better than how they how found it. In a further effort to be a good steward of the resource, Dick and his family use his fishing boat, the Cherokee,  to participate in the Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation Marine Debris Cleanup project with the support of SPC. During the break between fishing the Gulf of Alaska and before outfitting for the  black cod fishery they have removed nearly 30,000 pounds of plastics and marine debris from remote coastal beaches that would have been harmful to local wildlife. Besides selling seafood, that is our main mission here at Seafood Producers Cooperative: Leaving the world a better place.