Line-Caught Pacific Albacore

Line-caughtOne Fish At A Time while they are consuming a quarter of their weight every day, building fat reserves before winter, the line-caught Pacific albacore tuna caught by Seafood Producers Cooperative owner/members are much higher in healthy oils than those caught in nets and typically sold in cans at most grocery stores.

We are a cooperative made up of families of hook and line fishermen. Many of these families represent 3 or 4 generations as Seafood Producers Cooperative members. Like the Halversens, Cori and Mark, who fish off the Washington coast. 

 Here’s a video that Cori made showing family life on the F/V Hans Halvor and what it’s like to catch line-caught albacore tuna. 

Available as sashimi-grade medallions, cut from their top and bottom loins, or cooked with nothing more than a few grains of salt to make  canned gourmet tunaperfect for tuna salad and tuna sandwiches, this tuna is as good as it gets.. is where people at home can get fish from Seafood Producers Cooperative delivered to their home. Owned and operated by small boat hook and line fishermen who fish the waters of the North Pacific, SPC is North America’s oldest fishermen’s cooperative and has been bringing premium-quality fish to fine establishments for over 70 years. Now this fish is available for purchase with convenient delivery and free shipping.

One loin and a loin cut into medallions

Pop open a can and make a Niçoise salad or a tuna sandwich. Open up a vacuum pack of the medallions, sear ‘em for a minute or two on each side with a dash of salt and pepper, a side of greens, and you’ve got an easy, delicious and healthy meal. In springtime, there is no better or healthier meal than a albacore medallion cut and spread over two plates of greens with a dressing of olive and sesame oil with a dash of soy sauce. Simple, elegant and filling because of the rich oils of the albacore, we love these salads after bike rides, walks in the forests with our pooches, or on hot days out on the water.