Healthy Mom and Babies Eat Alaska Seafood

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Here’s our friend Emma Frisch, whose newborn daughter has lots of red hair “from all that salmon I ate in my pregnancy.” Photo by Andy Noyes.

Can Eating Seafood Make Your Baby Smarter?

Recently, the FDA changed its recommendations for pregnant women to encourage expecting mothers to eat more seafood. They recommend two to three servings of seafood per week for healthy brain and eye development. It turns out that eating seafood, especially certain types like wild salmon, will actually make your baby smarter.

A recent study that included 2000 mother-child pairs showed that when mothers eat three sizeable servings of fish each week during pregnancy it may benefit children’s brains for years to come. The link between higher maternal seafood consumption and improved brain development in children is significant. Children were tested at ages 14 months and five years to assess their cognitive abilities and to monitor their neuropsychological development. The study found improved brain function in kids whose mothers ate the most fish while pregnant. The researchers also saw a consistent reduction in autism-spectrum traits with increased maternal seafood consumption.

For years, common wisdom held that expecting mothers should limit seafood consumption. Many pregnant women chose to completely exclude seafood from their diets. However, emerging research suggests that reduced seafood intake is very likely increasing the risk of complications and limiting brain development in children!

Fish from the cold waters of Alaska, like our wild salmon, are particularly loaded with the omega-3s that are believed to be good for you and your baby’s brains. See more on our Alaska Gold Seafood and why it’s good for expecting moms at our website: