Get Fish From A Fisherman!

Alaska Gold Seafood offers direct access to wild-caught salmon, halibut, sablefish and albacore tuna.

We have a better way to get seafood. Our fishermen deliver the highest quality, wild-caught seafood to our co-op. We pass along that delicious seafood straight to you, our customers.

Lance Preston is one of our fishermen-owners with a passion for premium-quality salmon. Lance previously trolled on the F/V Seaboy and now owns the Duna, a classic wooden troller shown on the left.  Here he describes why being a co-op member is important to him and why Alaska Gold Seafood is so special.

Artisan fishing methods

Fishermen own our co-op, so it’s our organization. We also value quality over quantity and take great pride in the fish we deliver. Only a small percentage of Alaskan salmon are hook-and-line caught. It’s truly a boutique fishery.

As Lance says, “Like your micro-brews, we’re a micro-fishery.” Indeed, line-caught salmon is the craft beer of seafood. Fish come on board One Fish At A Time. We catch the premier species–king salmon and coho salmon. “White table cloth material,” as Lance says. Our fishermen land fish on deck, pressure-bleed them with a micro-pipette, and gut and ice them all within a half hour. In contrast, a net-caught salmon might spend hours on deck before being handled.

At the end of the day, a co-op fish comes from fishermen who take pride in quality because they own the organization. Our fishermen work to protect the artisan fishing methods they use as well as the wild places where they fish.

Lance puts it elegantly: “I get to produce a quality product that is sustainably harvested in a well-managed fishery and belong to a cooperative that is taking care of us. We’re all part of it. We are owners of the entire organization cooperatively. No one’s being exploited. We’re making a decent living. And I get to go fishing. What guy doesn’t like to go fishing?”