Easy Seafood Recipes How-to Videos

This cedar plank salmon recipe is a classic Northwest dish, a perfect dish for a summer barbecue. Using Alaska Gold™ coho salmon fillets, we offer tips on how best to prepare a cedar plank salmon.

Unusually rich and smooth, black cod (or sablefish) pairs perfectly with a miso marinade. Black cod is the richest fish we sell. With more Omega-3 fatty oils than salmon, it is difficult to overcook.

With succulent flavor, perfect texture, like a steak with butter but much lighter, it’s no wonder halibut are known as the fish for people who don’t like seafood. This pan-seared halibut recipe is easy and elegant.

Inspired by the award-winning cookbook Jerusalem, this Seared Moroccan spiced albacore tuna recipe uses our sparkling clean sashimi-grade albacore tuna.

Use a counter-top oven and make this weeknight salmon wrap in a matter of minutes. Healthy and delicious, you’ll have a new definition of fast food after making this recipe.

We occasionally get calls and emails from customers who would like tips on how to prepare our seafood. We can say with reasonable certainty that all of the co-op office staff and all of our fishermen would agree on 2 points:

  1. When working with our high-quality Alaska Gold Brand seafood, keep it simple by using only minimal seasonings. You can’t go wrong by letting the fish’s natural flavor stand out.
  2. Don’t overcook. Always aim for slightly rare. Remember: the fish continues to cook after you pull it off the heat. Many of our customers eat our fish as sashimi because it is that good. These Easy Seafood Recipes How-to Videos should inspire you to explore more seafood dishes.